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Skydiving in New Jersey

Tandem Skydiving in New Jersey

Learning how to skydive can be a challenging endeavor. Many newcomers opt for participating in tandem skydiving rather than taking the time to learn on their own. When tandem skydiving, you will be paired with an instructor that will review safety basics and guide you through your jump. In order to parachute in NJ you have to be 18 years of age or older. Alternatives to skydiving with a part can be static line and Accelerated Freefall. You can trust in the fact that you instructor is well trained and will provide an exciting experience.

This type of skydiving a common method used in training of civilians and military personnel. Although it can be more expensive, instructor parachuting is more beneficial to the learning experience. First-time jumpers have minimal expectations from the student. This training can apply to activities such as jumping out of aircraft, learning freefall maneuvers, and how to deploy a canopy. Your tandem master will keep you safe an remains responsible for your well being and successful parachute deployment during the lesson.

Although it is the exception, many have commented that during a tandem skydive they experienced nausea and the feeling of passing out, which starts after the canopy deployment (never occurs during freefall) and goes away immediately after landing. It is believed to be caused primarily by the incorrect adjustment of the tandem harness affecting blood flow (this rarely occurs with a solo harness) and is more likely if the individual is at the upper end of the weight limit.